Why love marriages fail in world

Why love marriages fail in world

Why do loving marriages fail apart globally? Reasons why loving marriages fail Friendships and love marriages are becoming popular in modern society. People's faith grew to such an extent that love marriages proliferated like an unshakable union. However, you are also aware that in rural life, there are more love weddings. They eventually fracture and shatter somewhere.

Why do love unions in the world fail?

A love marriage feels lovely at first. Over time, though, they start to obstruct one another. So there's a probability that a love marriage will eventually fail. According to a survey, more than 80% of people are in partnerships that are comparable to love marriages, and these relationships certainly come to an end over time.

A love marriage is a partnership that initially appears to be highly successful. But with time, it looks to be turning sour, and the gaps widen. It is more difficult than love marriage and arrange marriage because they eventually diverge from one another, and everyone is aware that love marriage expectations for arrange marriage are high.

The identical love-marital connections are frail and begin to fall apart. A love marriage is faced with greater burdens than anticipated. Love marriages frequently exhibit a progressive decline in attachment and an increase in engagement over time.

After that, disputes cause daily distance between them, and over time, their love for one another fades. As a result, nobody even tries to comprehend one another. Marriages of love frequently end in divorce.

After all, why do love marriages fail, and what can be the causes of love marriage failure? What kind of issues arise? As a result, distance grows between partners in a love marriage. Through this post, let's try to educate you on these reasons why love marriages fail.

What is the reason for love breakup?

The following are the causes of failed love marriages worldwide: The reasons why love marriages fail in India are as follows, in chronological order:

1. No family approval

When a boy or girl begins to fall in love with another person, he does not discuss this with his parents or other close family members until the time comes for marriage. Then, when family members and parents find out, it is already too late. Individuals confide in one another at home.

The family will not approve of a love marriage in such a case. Family members are yet to be compelled to get married in love with the boys' and girls' approval. When members of the family refuse, they exhibit no comprehension and may even push their parents away.

Even though their families are not supportive in this situation, they nevertheless decide to get married. Family members marry off one by one over time. But you don't help them, and when a husband and wife are left to rely on themselves, they run into all sorts of issues.

They start to gravitate toward their family when difficulties arise because they are reminded of them. Conflicts arise as a result, and the love marriage begins to fall apart. People frequently begin thinking about each other day and night when they first start falling in love.

Even now, love marriage is not regarded as being all that positive in our society since we are unable to distinguish between good and bad. However, the boys' tenacity forces the parents and elders to give their blessing. However, do not embrace it totally.

They are unable to tell their seniors about the different issues that arise in their lives after a love marriage because they lack support from family and elders. As a result, there is pressure felt, making it harder to confront forthcoming challenges and even causing relationships to deteriorate.

Who causes breakups?

2. Facing Reality 

Boys and girls who fall in love become worthless to everyone but each other because love is blind and lovers become blind. They give their dreams the most weight by simply becoming lost in them. The boy and girl who are having a love marriage believe that we will only be happy after marriage, possibly in the same way that we are pleased now.

They just made this up in their minds. They recognize, however, that everything we had been pondering earlier might have been accurate when confronted with reality. That has no value. However, despite our best efforts, nothing can be done in this circumstance. Girls who are motivated to get married for love, in particular, believe that their partner will make them happy for the rest of their lives, just as he is making them happy now.

will look after them completely. But when a marriage occurs, everything begins to appear differently. Love marriages end in such circumstances.

3. Being of immature age

This age is common for both boys and girls. This is what we can refer to as immaturity. because the majority of boys and girls begin love marriages between the ages of 16 and 18 and eventually get more intimate. The capacity for thought and comprehension declines as we get younger.

They are a long way from life's realities. She only sees her happiness since love has made her blind; therefore, she has no idea how good or horrible the future will be. Because they don't have a developed view of the world, young individuals who fall in love tend to believe that what they are doing and what other people are saying are both right.
Even though what he is saying is false, it is incorrect.

Both boys and girls are unaware of life's realities, which we do not comprehend. When people enter a love marriage in such a circumstance, they are confronted with reality and find it difficult to accept. When viewed in this light, love marriages fail because of inexperience.

4. Making hasty marriage decisions

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There is nothing improper about being married in love. You should be aware that marriage is one such tie, though, where two families' and two individuals' lives are intertwined. Any boy or girl making a hasty marriage decision is making the biggest error.

Because of this, even if they succeed, their marriage will end soon. Most boys and girls only choose to get married because they are attracted to one another; thus, the girl and the boy should try to get to know each other well before making the decision to get married.

However, after being married, they understood that we believed in them. Contrarily, in such a circumstance, a love marriage disintegrates.

5. Expecting more

The couple who is in a love marriage believes that they will receive the same amount of time after marriage as they gave each other before being married. But a person's life alters significantly after marriage. which the people who value marriage are unaware of.

Any further expectations we have for a loving marriage do not come true. It is simpler to comprehend each other in an arranged marriage. But in marriage, love is not always easy. Therefore, a love marriage fails.

Those who are in love frequently reflect on our current acts of affection for one another. Even after being married, he will go on doing so. After marriage, this hope vanishes, and they begin to live apart.

increasing.  Due to which the relationship breaks.

6. Dreaming big

Girls who choose a love marriage frequently believe that even after they get married, their spouse will take them on excursions, picnics, and to other picturesque locations in the same way and according to their expectations. It will continue to be whole in the same way. But after marriage, it is impossible to do this.

There are some such adjustments in life after marriage that cause the person to turn toward home and family. When a child is born, he needs to be taken care of, and some labor must be done to raise him at home. Such high expectations and aspirations are dashed in this circumstance.

They snap instantly. As a result, the love marriage relationship becomes tense, and the likelihood that it will end increases. A man has very lofty hopes for his girlfriend before they get married in a love marriage, but she doesn't think they'll always come true. And after marriage, these hopes are dashed. Rifts develop between couples who are having love marriages as a result.

7. Lack of respect

Lack of respect is frequently cited as the main reason why love marriages in the world fail. In a love marriage, the husband and wife are already quite familiar with one another. They act in an open manner before getting married.

As a result, there is a decline in mutual regard between people. Those who value marriage maintain friendly conversations even after getting hitched. Respecting the partner is meaningless to each other in such a condition.

Mutual arguments begin to occur after marriage when there is a lack of respect between the partners. Therefore, there is a probability that a love marriage will fail.

The biggest cause of failed love marriages worldwide is this.

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